Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How elephants are trained in the circus

Circus Company «Ringling Bros.» Is largely due to his room with the elephant is known around the world. With this program, viewers always leave happy, the viewers happy, but only one has no idea about the process of learning these tricks animals. In our unhappy collection were collected photos, which was captured process of training and training young elephants and methods that were used by employees of the circus.
 These shots were filmed on amateur camera former employee of this company, which could no longer conceal this disgrace.

1.Kazhdy day after graduating from basic training begins full double-entry training, which lasts one to two hours.

 Feet small elephants tied with ropes and link chains with another elephant. Since then, every movement and another manifestation of the natural behavior of the elephant will be severely suppressed by the trainer and his whip.

 After a small elephant calves are taken from their mothers, their men tied them to the cold concrete floor for all four paws. Elephants make almost around the clock to sit on a leash and strictly forbidden to walk in the fresh air, and it is detrimental and extremely difficult for a young elephant.

 Attempts to resist against pulling the ropes tight on the legs often end up painful punishment. Usually they give up after several months of unsuccessful attempts to escape.

 The little elephant is tied to an adult elephant for joint walking in the barn.

6.Izvestneyshy "Center for elephants" in the territory belonging to the circus «Ringling Bros.», Is nothing but a camp where torturing elephants to instill in them the ability to show circus tricks.

 These procedures make cry and suffer the elephant.

 Although the methods for training animals for circus performances «Ringling Bros.» Already made public, nothing has been taken.

9.Elektroshok circus manager in the hand of Gary Jacobson.
 These photographs - a weighty proof that these walls are not only used electric shocks to protect ...

 Principles of training, which uses a control for the most part consist of the use of electric shock, the demonstration of male power, coupled with the humiliation of ability to train.

 Associated elephant forced to stand up to the desired position.

12.Krichaschih elephants forced to sit on the string, and then knocked down, calm electroshock.

 Cruelty during training carefully kept secret, so no government agencies are not aware of it.

 In this picture the elephant taught to lie down on command handler.

 Circus Guide stubbornly declares that all tricks are developing natural abilities of elephants, as well as that used in training only a voice and encouraging, but these pictures prove that these words are far from the truth.

 Experts believe that to raise a baby elephant in the circus is almost the same as raising a child in custody.

 Gary Jacobson, with a hook to keep the elephant's trunk teaches to the top.

 These poles with hooks work of the author of these pictures, who decided to tell the truth about his former job.

 Deaf fence protects the area for dressirovok.

20.Protsess learning elephant standing on your head.

 The results of the most severe training was that slonyata learned to sit, lie down, stand on hind legs and head, kick ball and other tricks.

 Official principle Circus «Ringling Bros.» - "Training is the only method of inducement."

 Is this reminiscent of motivation?

24. This circus has never admitted mistakes, but his manager said that the elephant shows itself when it gets ready to move to a higher level of socialization.