Friday, April 13, 2012

5 Signs He is Falling in Love With You

When a guy makes you feel special, then you surely know that he is falling for you. When a guy does everything you say, then he is falling for you. Well, there are many signs that may reveal this intent. If you understand those signs, then this could be a possible start of a new relationship. Let us take a look at some of signs he is falling in love with you.

1. His priorities have changed

This is an obvious sign for most of the guys. When a guy is in love, he likes to give most of the time to his girl. He rearranges his priorities. Whatever you say, he listens and does. This shows that he is slowly falling for you.

2. He talks about family

Does he talk about family too often? Then surely he is falling for you. Guys take this differently. When they talk about family matters, they are serious about the relationship. If your guy talks about his family, then it is time to meet them soon. This is also an important sign that he is falling for you.

3. He surprises you too often

Any guy would love to surprise his girl. Does your guy plan surprises too often? Then he might be falling for you. When a guy gives gifts and flowers on a regular basis, then he could be serious about the relationship.

4. He communicates better

When a guy is falling for you, he would communicate in a different way. Most of the guys like to listen to girls. Other sign of communication include, communicating through eyes. If your guy stares continuously at you, then you know he is falling for you.

5. He compliments you

If a guy starts appreciating and complimenting you for small gestures, then this is an obvious sign of love. If he compliments you on small things, then he might be falling for you. Most of the guys make girls feel special through this gesture.
Many signs could tell you that a guy is falling in love with you. Therefore, the next time you are with your guy, do observe the above signs.

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