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10 Ways To Read Body Language Of Girls

10 Ways To Understand The Body Language Of A Girl
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Not always do girls use words to communicate everything they want to say. If they really want to read girls’ minds, it is their body language that guys will have to learn. Here in this article, we have mentioned different ways by which girls communicate through body language.

1. Maintaining eye contact

When a girl looks deep into a guy’s eyes while talking to him, she is really interested in him. It means that she is paying attention to him and wants to know more about him. It is also a sign of admiration and respect. Also, if a guy catches a girl looking at him when he is looking away and the moment he looks at her, she looks away. It means that girl is having this huge crush on the guy.

2. Folding arms

This means that she is trying to protect herself from a guy or is trying hard to hide her nervousness. Either ways she is not very comfortable around the guy. It shows lack of trust in the person whom she is talking to.

3. Toying with her hair

When a girl is trying to flirt with a guy, she is actually looking for his attention. When she plays with her hair while looking at the guy, she wants him to look at her.

4. Touching a guy on his arm

If she really likes a guy, a girl would want to ward off the distance between the two of them. She will touch his arm to signal that she won’t mind him coming closer to her.

5. Torso facing in a guy’s direction

This means, the girl is very much interested in listening to a guy and wants to know more about him. However, when she is leaning towards him, if he move towards her and she moves back, it means she’s not comfortable to see the guy coming close to her

6. Fidgeting with something around her

When a girl nervously fidgets with her phone, book, necklace, ring, adjusts her top or shifts uncomfortably in her seat, it is a sign of nervousness.

7. Blushing

This is a sign of positive nervousness. It means that she is attracted to a guy. Girls blush only when a guy, whom they really like, compliments them or gives them some sort of undivided attention.

8. Not looking at a guy while he is talking

You may find a girl staring at her nails, looking out of the window, saying ‘hi’ to someone else or looking in some other direction while a guy is talking to her. This means either she’s stressed out about something or she’s just not interested in talking to him.

9. Smiling at a guy

There are different kinds of smiles. One is a fake smile and the other is the genuine one. To spot a fake smile from the genuine ones, a guy may simply check if a girl’s smile reaches her eyes. As they say, the eyes don’t lie. If her smile reaches her eyes, then it is genuine. Otherwise, she is just smiling at the guy as a formality. The genuine smile means that she likes the guy and he can approach her.

10. Laughing at his jokes

When a girl likes a guy, she will like everything he does. So, even if his joke is not very funny, she may laugh only to make him happy. So if she always seems to find a guy funny, it means that she really enjoys his company and is very attracted to him.

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