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10 Ways To Impress A Guy

10 Ways To Impress A Guy
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Before you plan to impress that cute guy in your neighborhood, make sure you know a few tricks of the trade. Just in case you don’t want to go wrong, here are ten secrets to get almost any guy falling at your feet.

1. Smile

Always smile. This is the easiest trick to win a guy’s heart. Most boys find a girl with a beautiful smile simply irresistible.

2. Be Yourself

Be comfortable in your own skin. Don’t be pretentious. Don’t try and imitate someone else. As soon as he finds that you are fake, he will be running away miles from you.

3. Talk Less and Listen More

Instead of going on blabbering about how many shoes and bags you have in your wardrobe, listen to him. Try and keep the conversation well balanced to avoid running out of topics.

4. Don’t Overdress

This refers to both makeup and clothes. Always wear clothes that are simple yet stylish. When it comes to makeup, less is always more. Dress subtly and walk with elegance.

5. Be Fun

Don’t sit and whine about everything around you. Be optimistic and dig in for reasons to be happy. Boys like girls who know how to have fun.

6. Use A Good Perfume

Boys tend to recognize a girl by their smell. Always make sure you smell good. Use a good perfume and try to use the same one each time you are around him.

7. Groom Yourself

See to it that you are always well-groomed. Wear something that will make you look hot, but also modest. Also make sure that you practice basic hygiene.

8. Don’t Be Too Available

Show him, that you also have a lot in life besides him. If you are always there for him, he may end up taking you for granted.

9. Be Mysterious

Never show him that he knows everything about you. Always be a little mysterious about yourself. It will make you seem more interesting and, in turn, more appealing.

10. Be Confident

Confidence refers to not being afraid to speak up, maintaining eye contact while talking, walking straight by looking at the world in its face and not being afraid to speak up for yourself. Confidence is like invisible make up. It just adds to your sex appeal.
Before you try all of these, also make sure the guy is worth the effort. Find out more about him, before you work to get his attention. It will save you from a potential heart break.

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